Menu Plan Monday – Easing into Slow Carb

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From The Stone Soup

Wow! First Menu Plan Monday of the year! We are in the process of getting all our ducks lined up to really dive into The Four Hour Body. The plan right now is to start in February when things will be better planned for some big changes.  I’ve decided that to make things easier for when we do start to start including more beans [something we both love and eat a lot of anyways] and lentils [something I love and he tolerates] into our menu. I’ve been lucky to stumble on the great blog The Stone Soup and have purchased The Tired and Hungry Cook’s Companion eBook as well as Mastering the Art of Cooking on a Budget eCourse. We’ve been eating really amazing from these and I highly suggest them. I love that there are vegetarian and vegan options – amazing. There are multiple ways for each recipe so let’s say you eat meat there is a way to add meat to the meal or if you are gluten free there will be a way to make the meal gluten free. I love that most of the food is ready within 15 minutes and only 5 ingredients are necessary. It really has streamlined our eating. I’m currently looking for some lunch options. Breakfasts are easy – tofu scramble for him and a piece of frittata for me. Lunch is always hard unless there is leftovers. We’ll see how this week goes!

This week’s food plans include

I am really excited for all of this. It’s been really nice eating in this post week with lots of veggies. We had been eating out a lot during the holidays and it’s nice that now we are back on budget and eating not garbage.

What are you eating this week?

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