Menu Plan Monday

Chickpea & Rosemary Baked Frittata

Via The Stone Soup

It’s already been a week apparently! A new Menu Plan Monday is here! Just note that I’m a pescatarian and my boyfriend/partner in mischief is vegan preferred. We’re not going full slow carb yet but we are doing really well with omitting carbs where we can. This week there’s only noodles 1 night  and we’re upping our bean intake. We’re both pretty happy with this menu and I think that we’re both excited for the lemon cake. We haven’t had a homemade treat in a long while [since baking and I seem to fight] but this is a pretty easy cake and since it’s winter lemons are cheap and easy to come by. I’ll probably serve the cake with coconut ice cream, whip cream or soy whip. It should really help us out since I know that we’ll be missing the carbs. I am also happy that our greens intake is upped this week as well. We’re doing much better with getting in those leafy greens and it helps we both love them. He’s more of a fan of cooked greens and I prefer them raw so it’s a good mix of the two this week.

This week’s dinner plans include

This week’s breakfast, lunch & treat plans include

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